13 Authors, 13 Kisses, 1 Great READ!

Exclusive to the Death & Damages Boxed Set

A killer's last move. A detective's last chance.
San Diego detective MaKenzie Young never surrenders...under any circumstance. She's spent years hunting the Birthday Butcher, a sadist who murders and decorates one young woman every year. 

But this year...the psychopath changes his game. 

It's been forty-eight hours since the latest victim was discovered when Mac's sister goes missing. And this time...the killer makes a demand Mac can't refuse. With the clock ticking and her sister's life at stake, how will Mac find a way to catch a killer before she has to concede defeat?

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Enemies at birth. Soulmates at first touch.

Cindra is running hot. A trait that renders a Nepherian female untouchable and ineligible for a mate pairing. 

Celso, revered ice warrior and protector of the Kelvinian people, needs to take a mate before he can ascend to the throne. Problem is…no female within the realm can withstand his chilling touch.

When Cindra is captured by an ice brute with a soothing touch and scorching kisses, she’s tempted.  After a lifetime of longing for physical contact, how will two enemies who’ve found solace in each other’s arms protect their love without igniting a war between their worlds?

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